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Please donate for Bruno Streng’s rehabilitation and treatment. Help fulfil his dream of a normal life.

Bruno was born on 2 November 2013 in Starogard Gdanski, Poland. He was supposed to be a healthy, cheerful child, for whom his parents couldn’t wait. Unfortunately, after his birth, doctors diagnosed Spina Bifida with a 5 cm long herniated meninges in the lumbosacral part of the spine, in combination with neurogenic bladder dysfunction, hydrocephalus, paralysis of the legs and one clubbed foot.

The first day of his life was also the day on which Bruno went through his first, life-saving operation. It went well and the doctors were able to close the hernia, but the paralysis of the legs remained. The hydrocephalus turned out to be relatively low, and when Bruno was seven months old, doctors implanted a PUDENZ valve (in his head) to prevent the development of further hydrocephalus. The corollary is also neurogenic bladder dysfunction as a result of spinal hernia, resulting in limited feeling of the need to defecate as well as numerous infections of the urinary tract. In turn, this can lead to kidney damage, which requires catheterisation five times each day to prevent it.

Every day, Bruno fights for his independence. He exercises for several hours each day, following routines from various well-known rehabilitation regimes. These are necessary to regain muscle tone in the legs as well as strengthening the tummy muscles. Daily training in this manner also improves the strength of the muscles of the bladder, regulating bowel movements and enhancing digestion. As a result, Bruno is now able to move his toes and bend his right knee. His natural curiosity and the rehabilitation exercises led to Bruno’s ability to crawl and sit diagonally.

According to the doctors, Bruno will be able to function quite normally in the future, if he is given proper rehabilitation and care. The costs of the constant help of specialists, participation in rehabilitation classes, the necessary medications and equipment are far beyond the capacity of Bruno’s parents to provide. We want to seize the opportunity Bruno has to lead a normal life, as well as help support his parents. That being said, it’s not just about the financial support. It could be the help and advice of professionals, or the opportunity to participate in a specialized treatment or research program. There are many dimensions to helping Bruno. Even a small donation would be greatly appreciated.

How can you help?

Know the ways you can help Bruno

Help for Bruno may have many dimensions. The easiest way to give even a small donation, and perhaps this is the best solution for you. But there are other ways and that we want to write a few words.


Donations can easily pass through fundraising YouCaring action. It is very simple and fast. Remember - even the smallest donation makes a difference. Just minimal involvement of a large group of people of goodwill, will help little Bruno to make his dream come true.

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Shooting trainings

Working with the relief operation for the support of children, such as Bruno, are the men and women tied with special units and target shooting, both sporting/tactical and defensive. Every year, firearms training camps are organised, carried out jointly with Instructor Zero and instructors to the Polish Special Forces. These are unique events, from which a large part of the income goes to those in need. This year the aid will be directed to Bruno Donations.

If you would like to take part in our trainings, please visit Instructor Zero in Poland profile.

Medical care

Bruno's needs include treatment, proper care and appropriate rehabilitation. Any funds acquired will be used solely for these purposes. For this reason, direct medical care will always be the main focus, above and beyond fundraising. The medical care provided can include:

  • Organisation of treatment in a specialised centre in country or abroad if required
  • Establishing contact with specialists with the experience and results in the treatment of children like Bruno
  • Admission to the research program, which aims to develop treatments for conditions, such as Bruno's
  • Rehabilitation, assistance, braces and other facilities
  • Conducting rehabilitation activities and general development

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